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'Explore The Road' is a project in collaboration with The AA and The DVSA, introducing a newly qualified drivers welcome pack. The pack contains documents relevant to advising new drivers on how to deal with common problems, which can simply be stored in the glove compartment. 

Currently, when a new driver passes their practical driving test, they receive two pieces of paper work, a Practical Driving Test Certificate and a copy of the examiners marking notes. New drivers are the most likely to be involved in a collision in the first two years of driving. With this in mind, new drivers are left to their own accord as soon as they leave the test centre. More often than not new drivers are not fully educated on all of the additional challenges of driving and maintaining a car, leaving them vulnerable taking to the road independently.

The aim of the project was to improve the user experience for new drivers, to make them feel as comfortable as possible, taking to the road independently for the first time. 

Research was undertaken into current driver handbooks, as well as other forms of welcome packs. The current style of drivers handbook was found to be too dense, car specific, graphically hard to read and the content uses unfriendly professional maintenance terms, which some new drivers would not understand.  

Inspiration was taken from the Contiki Welcome pack. Contiki is a tour operator offering tours across the globe. Their welcome pack is extremely user friendly with additional perks such as a welcome letter, tour itinerary and more, all before the traveller has arrived before their travels. 

Primary research was obtained in the form of user testing current driver manuals, whilst secondary research involved research relevant type faces, info-graphic styles  etc. which would appeal to the younger target user. Following this, prototypign was undertaken to establish the final form the welcome pack would be presented as. 

A journey document was produced to demonstrate the full design process involved throughout the project, along with a tarmaced road for presentation to the client.  

The pack also includes a tire tread gauge, a pen a note pad as well as disposable gloves for dirty jobs. The driver can also store their personal documents in a number of slots within the package. 

The final design received positive feedback from both The AA and The DVSA. The concept now under consideration for future launch, given the manufacture cost can be reduced for mass production.