Joshua King Design



Introducing, Eve, a razor to last a lifetime. A new generation of razors, looking to challenge the growing popularity of 'cheap' disposable razors. Eve offers a simple, modern form, moving away from the current over engineered, masculine designs currently dominating the market. This approach offers users a new, modern approach to the shaving experience. 


Current razors on the market, follow an industrial appearance and over engineered style. Not only does this have a negative effect on users emotional attachment to the razor, but the environmental impact can be huge. Materials and parts use irreversible joining methods, meaning a razors end of life is often premature to its actual functional ability.

Research suggests that a more aesthetically beautiful design along with reduced materials, parts and manufacturing methods would see an improved emotional attachment between users and their razors, reducing the need for premature disposal. 

When a standard Gillette razor was broken down, it was found to have over 20 components, with some being non-detachable, making the disassembly process at the end of the razors life a near impossible task for recycling centres.

Concepts were drawn up not only for the razor itself, but a number of system design approaches were considered, in order to reduce the environmental impact of the razor. 

A final design direction was confirmed following user feedback reducing the number of components and offering a clean, modern style for the user.

The new design also features and cleaning brush, to reduce the water consumption during shaving. This is because the warm water used throughout the average shave, is proven to be higher than the manufacture of the razor itself. The brush is reusable and cleans between blades reducing the water consumption by up to 90%. 

When the blades are not longer needed, they can slide out of the casing and only the blades need to be disposed of for recycling. This will reduce waste material, as standard razors require the whole blade head to be disposed of after use. The casing can then pop back into pace with the help of the magnetic block on the razor body. 

Above shows Eve in context with the full product range including shaving balms, hand wash and more.

As well as the current metallic options including copper, brass and aluminium, custom colour themes will be integrated into the range. These include an Aqua theme and a Vibrance theme. These colour themes would be achieved by using anodised metals in order to gain the coloured metallic effect as seen below.