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Athena is a multi-purpose gardening tool, which offers an inclusive design approach, meeting the needs of those suffering from arthritis and limited dexterity and improving the gardening experience for these stakeholders.


The 90 degree positioned handle ensures the wrist is under the minimum contraction during use, whilst he wrist support at the rear of the tool support the wrists position. The extended arm attachment ensures the user does not have to bend down too far to the flower bed. 

The handle uses the same movement as the historic military spade. The red screw cap is unscrewed and the handle can be pivoted back and forth. Once the handle is in the desired position, the red screw cap is securely tightened ready for use. 

Interchangeable tools mean the user does not have to carry around endless amounts of gardening tools, as this can be a struggle for those with limited dexterity. Items can simply be clipped into position and released by pressing the appropriate red large red button.

The retail package would include all of the above, including the base handle, extendable arm, arm brace and two standard clip in garden tools.

A number of quick prototypes were produced throughout the development, in order to reach the final aesthetic model and functional model. The functional model features all of the correct mechanisms whilst the aesthetic model was used to present the form to Bosch.